The Positive Change Foundation began in 2012 with the mission to support Black Women for Positive Change in “Changing the Culture Of Violence.” The Foundation is the fiscal agent for the National Month of Non-Violence, Families, Voters Rights and Opportunities. The Foundation provides micro-grants to organizations that host violence-prevention events and workshops that highlight “Opportunities As Alternatives to Violence.”

Topics supported by the Foundation:
(1) Anti-Domestic violence workshops
(2) Role of fathers in stopping violence
(3) How to De-Escalate violence
(4) How to Use Music to de-escalate and stop violence

Board of Directors

  • Daun S. Hester, Chair of the Board
  • Stephanie E. Myers, President
  • Dr. Georgia Dunston
  • Rev. Oliver Buie
  • Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds
  • Lisa Hughes